North Fort Myers woman tricks armed robber into running away

Police arrested a man who tried to rob a woman at gunpoint.

Detectives believe Charles Williams Junior, 24, followed Robin Pupillo from a Walmart to her house, according to Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers.

Pupillo says she was parked in her driveway, texting a friend in her car just after running errands when someone knocked on her car window.

“I looked over and he said ‘hey I’m lost I can’t get out of here how do I get out of here?’ So I said well okay I’ll help you so I opened the door,” Pupillo said.

She says he demanded her purse.

“He goes, ‘I’m gonna say it again, give me your purse,’ and I said ‘no!’ and I said I’m calling police and just as I was getting ready to call police he grabbed my phone and it fell,” she said.

He proceeded to pull a gun out of his pants, pointing it in her face.

“It was pretty close to my face. I saw every detail of that gun I saw the barrel of it, I saw the whole detail of the gun,” she said.

Then she she says she tricked him into running away.

“I looked over to another area to make it look like someone was there and I said ‘NO’ really loud and he looked over where I was looking and he put the gun back in his pants and ran to the car.”

Robin says she’s going to be a little less trusting from here on out.

Williams is booked in the Lee County Jail on a robbery charge and probation violation.

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