Sanibel approves plastic straw ban Monday

Sanibel united to protect our environment by approving a plastic straw ban Monday.

Neighbors and businesses alike supported the move by Sanibel leaders, but some business owners didn’t wait for the official ban to stop using plastic straws.

Bailey’s General Store is one businesses that phased out plastic straws and now uses paper straws.

“Grassroots efforts, you have to start some place and I think as it becomes more popular and well known of the dangers of these things you know it’s great one will continue to the next,” said Leslie Anding.

The City will now phase in biodegradable straws on Fort Myers Beach.

“We’ve actually eliminated plastic straws in our catering operation, our coffee bar operation, our deli operation and even on the shelves so there are no plastic straws there. Saturday we did receive, finally receive our shipment of stainless steel straws,” said Council member Jason Maughan.

City council says the ban is directed at businesses only, prohibiting the sale and distribution of plastic straws.

“It doesn’t have to do with if you’re caught in your home with a plastic straw, you’ll be drug out in the street,” one council member said.

They say the idea is to make plastic straws a code-enforcement issue.

And some living on Sanibel say it’s a good start, but they are eager to take the ban even further.

Unfortunately, Florida law that doesn’t allow local governments to ban plastic bags.

Businesses are encouraged to switch to paper or reusable bags instead.

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