Oasis High School looking for ways to keep the doors open

Oasis High school is looking for solutions to keep their doors open as they struggle to keep classes filled at the charter school.

Eric Feichthaler, a former Mayor of Cape Coral, has three kids in the charter school system and is fighting to keep the school open.

“It’s just a really great system. it’s almost like having a private school but it’s always come without city funding,” said Feichthaler.

“Having a system where you can go through k-12 not only instills a sense of pride in the students, they don’t want to go anywhere else,” Feichthaler said.

While city leaders say they have no plans to close down the school, they need to attract more students in order to fill the classes.

“We are not at capacity, we average anywhere between 50 and 60 openings in the high school,” said Jennifer Nelson, a Cape Coral Council member.

The Council members for Oasis High School will now have to evaluate what it will take to make the school sustainable.

“Our City Manager right now, he’s researching what it would look like if the city were to take over some of the business services that occur at the school such as human resources, IT, and transportation,” said Nelson.

Parents like Feichthaler think it’s a worthwhile investment to keep the school open.

But say the addition of some other extracurriculars could attract more students.

“Building that sports complex will really, I think, just solidify our financial footing as well as people wanting to remain there for our entire school career.

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