FMB Margaritaville faces one-year delay due to lawsuits

Put down the shaker and the salt, Margaritaville isn’t going to open anytime soon.

Despite approval from town council, construction for the Fort Myers Beach project is pushed back another year, raising a big question among homeowners.

The delay? Two separate lawsuits are being filed by the same beach resident who wants to stop development in the area where the project is supposed to be built.

“The lawsuits, both of them now will mean increased expense for the town and increased time delay for us and the town,” said John Gucciardo with FMB Margaritaville.

Beach resident Chris Patton filed a second lawsuit against the Town of Fort Myers Beach.

In this new civil complaint, Patton says she’ll be adversely impacted by traffic, noise and building density.

But other residents disagree.

“I think we need a pep up. We need something to attract people. We need something that will beautify the beach and particularly the area of the beach where it is,” said Miffie Greer of Fort Myers Beach.

Patton also argues the town’s development order is inconsistent with its comprehensive plan.

Some residents say it’s ridiculous, while other’s think it’s better to weigh all the options.

Nevertheless, project leaders are still moving forward with what they can work on.

“We are very confident that the underlying fact pattern is very favorable for us and we expect a full successful outcome,”¬†Gucciardo sai.d

Successful outcomes from both lawsuits are the goal for both town officials and project leaders.

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