Unusual text message could lead to privacy invasion for cell users

An unusual text message alert sent to people’s phones has some users concerned about privacy.

“If they’re getting text in regards to somebody complimenting them and it’s not social media that they engage in with their classmates or friends, I’d be concerned about,” said Cape Coral resident, Lee Afshar.

The alert people are receiving pops up on the phone screen, saying “someone complemented you.”

If you click on the message it takes you straight to an app called “IRL”, which stands for “In Real Life”.

That app lets users send and receive invites to hangout with friends in real life.

Some claim that the app is linked to sex trafficking but that is false. However there are some concerns about the privacy policy within the app.

By signing up for the app, the maker will receive your phone number, email, contacts, and the company can also collect your gender, interests, and even your location.

“You’re basically opening the door to whatever that link wants to do”, said Corporal Phil Mullen, of Cape Coral Police Department.

“So if you’re not familiar with it, just don’t click the link, just delete the text,” Mullen said.



Reporter:Brooke Shafer