New bill gives more rights to victims of a crime

A new controversial bill is aimed at providing victims of crimes with the same amount of right as those accused of crimes.

The new bill would allow victims to be informed, when the person who has committed a crime against them, or their family has been released back out into the public.

Angela McClary’s son was murdered in Fort Myers four years ago, and that’s the day she became a victim.

“IĀ felt helpless, useless, and very upset during those times,” said McClary.

McClary also said she felt mistreated and left in the dark by authorities when it came to questions surrounding the murder.

“I felt that I was not treated fairly, and information that was provided we had to pry it out of them. We were left clueless with what was going on,” McClary said.

Victims often don’t feel protected, and are not being kept informed when an accused criminal may be released.

“You’re being harmed and then jeopardizing yourself with the person being out in the public eye and you’re not aware they’re free,” said Nola Theiss, of Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships.

The amendment would keep things like that from happening, it would provide nine new rights to the victims of the crime.

Proponents say it will give rights to victims, equal to those given to the accused.

The “bill of rights” for victims is modeled after Marsy’s Law in California. A Florida Judge took it off the a November ballot, saying it had some misleading language.

It was taken to the Supreme Court today, and they could turn over the judge’s decision.

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Reporter:Britni McDonald