SWFL clinic to host Q&A session about medical marijuana Saturday

More and more patients are turning to marijuana, which is often touted as a miracle treatment for various illnesses and symptoms.

But the Food and Drug Administration is hesitant to approve it as a treatment due to the lack of studies proving it’s safe and effective.

The question is, is medical marijuana right for you?

One man says it has seriously helped him deal with his Parkinson’s disease.

“I’d like to see people be open-minded about it,” said Tom Strachan, who has been living with Parkinson’s in Southwest Florida for about ten years.

“We’ve experimented with marijuana for the last two months,” he said.

And he says it’s a big help and reduces his anxiety which is something his wife and caretaker, Debbie, is glad to see.

“It’s been a challenge, but we’re in this together,” Debbie said.

Scott Strachan, a registered nurse, is a supporter of using medical marijuana for treatment. He says he is trying to help other patients figure out if medical marijuana is right for them.

“I’ve seen through the patients I’ve assisted the curiosity and taboo nature of it.,” Scott said.

A lot of patients already use the stuff, but the FDA still has yet to approve it.

“More and more people have those questions and don’t know where to go to get those questions answered,” Scott said.

He encourages you to visit the Iona Cannabis Clinic along McGregor Boulevard.

They will be hosting a question and answer session this weekend to help you figure out if the drug is right for you.

“It may not be this miracle drug that solves everyone’s problems, but for some, it may be a viable option,” Scott said.

And many of his patients are thankful for that option.

“Satisfy your curiosity. It’s not something that’s going to go away,” Tom said.

The Q&A will be held at the Iona Canabis Clinic on McGregor Boulevard Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. If you have questions or if you would like to RSVP, you can give them a call at 239-590-0861.

Reporter:Channing Frampton