Port Charlotte water park delay causing frustration for families

Families are becoming frustrated with the delay of the Lost Lagoon waterpark in Port Charlotte.

What was originally Murdock Village, the city had plans to transform the land into a huge water park that would provide entertainment for families and kids.

Developers initially proposed building the massive lost lagoon waterpark, featuring state of the art waterslides and other entertainment activities like indoor skydiving and Topgolf first.

Now the city says they are postponing the water park in lieu of a town center complete with hotels, shops and restaurants. They say this is all part of the overall Arredondo project.

Some families are not happy with the delay, as they were looking forward to having a fun spot for kids and their families to hangout.

“I was actually really looking forward to the water park, I do have children and I thought it would be a great place for the kids,” said Hellena Mullan of Port Charlotte.

Stephanie Carrillo, who lives in Port Charlotte, says there is already enough hotels in the area.

“I think we have plenty of hotels. I think they should focus more on kids,” said Carrillo.

Lost Lagoon says building a town-center will be much faster compared to the waterpark which was expected to take about two years. They also say that the entertainment aspect is just one piece of their 170-acre puzzle.


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