Oasis High students face sweltering temps. due to broken air conditioners

Hundreds of students at one Cape Coral school are sweating out the dog days of summer without air conditioning.

The sweltering heat is even making some kids sick at Oasis High School.

Students tell WINK News it’s been like this for weeks. The air conditioning stopped working, and they’re stuck in classrooms that are hotter than the temperatures outside.

They also say teachers warned them those repairs could take months.

“You’re sitting there doing your work, and I was literally sweating so bad I had to pull up my jeans, and roll them up so I could let the air hit my legs,” said student Joey Herrera

Herrera says it’s even harder without air conditioning.

“It’s really hot,” Herrera said. “Today we were talking to the teacher across the hall, and her classroom was 83 degrees and ours was 87, I think and we were all sweating my teacher had two fans on us.”

Herrera says for the past few days, Oasis High School’s been without working air conditioning on their second floor.

Dylan Masterson, a student at Oasis High School, says it’s forcing students out of their classrooms.

“They let us go in the gym for a little bit,” Masterson said. “It was before lunch when they took us down we had a half day.”

In a Facebook post, the principal says they have multiple air-condition units that require repairs nearly every day.

The superintendent just decided to replace them, but they don’t know how long it’s going to take. They’re warning students to be prepared for the heat.

“They’re just saying its going to get fixed by Christmas,” Masterson said. “My buddy went home the other day because he said his head was hurting cause it was so hot and his face was extremely pale and i was honestly getting kinda sick from it being so hot in the class.”

But Masterson says it’s almost too hot to handle.

“You’re sitting there sweating, and you cant even focus, its such a bad environment for school, I don’t even want to be in there,” Masterson said.

WINK news reached out to the superintendent asking when they expect their air conditioning to be fixed and when those new units to arrive, but have yet to hear back.

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