Rally advocates for change during SWFL water crisis

The water quality crisis is hitting many fishing businesses hard.

But it’s taking a toll on areas that depend on that —including Matlacha and Pine Island.
Creative forms of expression, all with the same message.

“We need clean water,” said Melanie Hoff, of Pine Island Roar.
Hoff is leading the charge for change on Pine Island and Matlacha.

“Individually, it’s hard to effect change but in mass, we can,” Hoff said.
This group is fighting for an environment fit for all.

“No one should live in an environment that can’t support them. Right now, our environment can’t support us,” Hoff said.
Which is why people like Naples resident Megan Frazier are thinking outside the loud voice of protests, and posters to raise awareness.

“You just hope that the right people will see it, even just one person will see it,” Frazier said. “Maybe they can do more than I can.”
Frazier started driving her car with a hand written message weeks ago.

“I get mixed reviews, a lot of just odd stares but a lot of thumbs up and waves and honks,” Frazier said.

And her goal is like many of the activists who spent their Sunday speaking out.

“We’re on island time but sometimes you got to give up that peaceful island time to come out and protest for what you want,” Hoff said. “We need clean water. We need it now.”

People who rallied Sunday say they plan to continue rallying until they see real solutions for our water quality issues.

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