Roofing repair job leads to botched cleanup for Naples woman

Published: August 23, 2018 6:30 AM EDT

A woman living in North Naples blames a roofing company for ruining her home and her belongings inside.

She says their attempt to fix the problem isn’t much better.

Melissa Patrick hired a company to fix her roof while she and her wife were on vacation.

The company says the underlayment ripped during a storm, causing damage and now, a week later, the living room still isn’t livable.

“Honestly I laughed, I looked at my wife and I’m like are you kidding me,” Patrick said.

A photo shows where part of the ceiling came down on her couch.

The company cleaned the mess this week but left behind more of a mess with rust and a mildew smell coming from under the couch, cracked tile, a fried-out television and ceiling compound left in each corner.

It’s not exactly the cleanup job she was expecting.

“They tried to put a band-aid on something that needed several stitches,” Patrick said.

WINK News reached out to the company but hasn’t heard back.

Patrick is able to claim her destroyed possessions under renters insurance — but still had to meet that 500 deductible. Her family is still staying in a hotel until they’re certain this place is free of mold.