Former probation officer convicted of assault claims he was ‘standing his ground’

A former Lee County probation officer convicted of pistol-whipping a pregnant woman and shooting a man in the face claims he was “standing his ground.”

Alexander Woolbright is nearly halfway through his 10-year jail sentence, but in new court documents, he says he claims it’s a case of “stand-your-ground” law.

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“His attorney at the time, he believes, didn’t do something,” said trial attorney Daniel Garza. “That had the attorney done, there might have been a different result.”

Garza explains Woolbright must first convince his judge tomorrow his first lawyer didn’t do a great job at defending him.

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Woolbright is serving 10 years for shooting Shannon Dennis in the face, and pistol whipping Rebecca Davis in the face while she was pregnant.

Lee County deputies said it was a Backpage hookup that had gone wrong, and ended in a shooting.

Garza can’t say for sure if this is a “stand-your-ground” case, but says it’s gaining attention as a possible defense claim.

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“Certainly, the general public is now more, well aware that that’s a valid defense. So yeah, you’ll get people asking if you, ‘Hey, if I saw this is how it happened or this is how it happened, that’s self defense right? That’s stand-your-ground?'” Garza said.

Woolbright will face a judge at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 23. If the judge grants his motion, Woolbright could get a new trial.

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