Dead manatee found in Marco Island waters Tuesday

More heartbreaking evidence of our water crisis with another dead manatee found floating just feet from people’s homes at Riverside Club on Marco Island.

Speaking to many people on the island they tell me this isn’t the first dead manatee they saw Tuesday.

Currently, red tide is suspected of killing at least 103 manatees in Florida since January

Its in the back where people here dock their boats.

The person who contacted us said he found the manatee Tuesday afternoon.

Marco Island resident Ken Whitlock says, “Now that red tide has hit Marco so bad, it’s disturbing we’re having the effects down here… It’s here it’s real and the state needs to do something to help the red tide as well as the algae blooms in Cape Coral and Fort Myers”

Whitlock tells us he spoke to FWC and they’re supposed to come remove the manatee by truck.

No time frame on when that’ll happen.

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