Localized flooding in Cape Coral on Aug. 19, 2018.

Heavy rain causes localized flooding in Cape Coral

Streets underwater and cars stranded in Cape Coral as an afternoon downpour causes localized flooding.

It was a driver’s nightmare for a bit on Hancock Bridge Parkway Sunday as roads flooded.

More than five cars were stalled out, and Vicky Fling was one of them, “The water just came up around my car and it died. There’s another one right there,” she said motioning toward another car.

Fling says she was caught by surprise, “I couldn’t see. I stopped immediately.. then my car died. I couldn’t move”

But good samaritans like Adrian Garcia stepped in to help, “everyone has trouble you know.”

Now, the motorists are calling their insurance companies as they have a soggy mess on their hands.

The floodwaters have since receded and the roadway is all clear.

Drivers were nervous as they made their way though the area and rightfully so. Fling has a reminder,”If you see standing water.. don’t go in it.”

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