Work on a new roof goes terribly wrong for Collier Woman

Imagine coming home from vacation and finding your home wet and moldy with a ceiling that’s caving in.

That’s what happened to a renter in Naples when work on a new roof went terribly wrong.

Melissa Patrick knew Kelly Roofing would be repairing the roof of the home she rents while she was away, but she had no idea she’d come home to damage.

And she says the fiasco is hurting her finances.

According to the roofing company, the asphalt-felt paper material used to secure the roof ripped during a weekend storm, and thats how water got inside.

“Now I have a $3,000 couch that’s trashed that’s not even four years old,” Patrick said.

It only took a day for parts of the ceiling to collapse.

Kelly Roofing came back to cover it but Patrick is worried her home is now a fire hazard, “Its not safe to have these lights on, if they heat up with water on there it can cause a fire so I’m not gonna cook in this kitchen I’m not gonna keep my kids in here.”

Patrick says she understands mistakes happen but what she’s upset about is the lack of urgency.

She wants the company to take the initiative to put fans inside to dry out her furniture and carpet.

“The longer they wait to dry out this house the more property damage is gonna be done,”┬áPatrick added, “… the longer we have to wait to get back in our home and get into a normal routine”

The owner Ken Kelly returned our call and said he’s currently out of town.

He says they’re expecting to have someone bring fans to the home in a day or so.

Kelly added, since the water didn’t seep into the living quarters of the home [where Melissa and her kids sleep] they do not have a policy for putting them up in a hotel.

Reporter:Olivia Mancino
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