Collier sheriff urges parents to get involved with school safety

On wednesday children will start filing into Collier County classrooms.

But before that happens Sheriff Kevin Rambosk is telling you how much you play a part in keeping schools safe.

Whether a parent or just a neighbor, the sheriff is asking you to start taking action.

If you see something suspicious on school grounds, whether it be a car, a person, or a suspicious activity, call law enforcement.

That also goes with any statement or post you see online. The sheriff says people often don’t want to call in to bother them, but the sheriff is asking you to.

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Lastly, if you know someone you think needs help, make the call to an expert.

“As we look at the tragic events happening all over the country we always come back to the simple premise, and that is, there were mental health issues that people knew about or observations that were made well in advance of the tragic event occurring,” said Sheriff Rambosk

You can either call law enforcement, the school counseling system or the David Lawrence Center.

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