Immokalee football boldly welcomes challenges to maintain momentum

Immokalee has a history of producing players that go pro, some even debuting in the NFL Preseason this week.

While their landing spot varies, their journey begins in Southwest Florida, where right now, the Indians are hoping to maintain momentum of last year’s 12-1 season.
At Immokalee football practice, you’ll notice Abraham Alce, Fred Green, Malcom Jackson and other top talent that led the Indians all the way to the semifinals last year are now graduated and gone.

RJ Rosales returns at quarterback, though, along with the man who lights a fire under this teams cleats: Coach Rodelin Anthony.

“At Immokalee, nothing changes,” Anthony said. “It’s the same tempo, it’s the same speed. Don’t get it twisted for one second to think that we’re a different team. We are still balls to the wall, hardcore, snot nosed football players.”

Anthony also has less players to work with at Immokalee than many schools they’re up against. But Anthony values quality over quantity.

“They shouldn’t be concerned about our numbers,” he says. “They should be concerned about the amount of football players we have. Sure teams have 50 kids but at Immokalee we have 25-30 football players. Numbers have never concerned me. It’s the size of the heart. It’s the size of the freakin bite inside the dog.”

The Indians look to take a bite out of Golden Gate as they kickoff the new season in just 13 days.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
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