Collier County Sheriff’s office holds firearm safety event, gives away free gun locks

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office held event Wednesday to promote gun safety where people can pick up gun locks.

“All we’re saying is if you’re a gun owner and I am one, lock up firearms when they are not in use,”  Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said.

Malisa Testa brought her two girls with her to pick up a gun lock and teach a valuable lesson.

“I want to educate my children as well as their friends to not play with guns,” Testa said. “We have a small safe but just as an additional precaution we are going to lock it as well as keep it in the safe so it’s almost like a double lock.”

Collier County Sheriff deputies say owning a gun comes with responsibility and safety practices like the gun lock could protect our children from becoming statistics.

“If we look at tragedies that have occurred over the last 10 years, access to firearms by those people who shouldn’t have access to them have led to tragic events,” Rambosk said.

If you reduce the chances of guns ending up in the wrong hands you also reduce the chances of a major tragedy. Sheriff Rambosk says they want to hold more events on gun safety.


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