SWFL says goodbye to fallen FMPD Officer Jobbers-Miller

Published: August 6, 2018 8:23 AM EDT
Updated: August 7, 2018 9:36 AM EDT

Friends, family and the Southwest Florida community lined up before sunrise to attend the public full honors funeral for Adam Jobbers-Miller.

Jobbers-Miller was only 29 when he was shot in the line of duty July 21, and died from his injuries a week later.

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Jobbers-Miller, firefighter turned police officer, worked for the Fort Myers Police Department for nearly three years.

‘They will always be part of the blue family’

“I just feel horrible for them,” said 10-year-old Alicia Stone.

It was an emotional day for people of all ages. Alicia  lined up with others at the busy intersection of Treeline Avenye and Colonia Boulevard for Jobbers-Miller’s procession.

His death was put into perspective by her father, a former police officer.

“My dad the other day said, ‘Just picture him being shot or something like that,’ and it just made me feel for the family like horrible for them,” Alicia said.

Other officers are taking that pain and creating something beautiful —like a portrait made by a Philadelphia officer who’s part of the New York based group Brothers Before Others. The organization offers support for the families of fallen officers.

“We want them to know that their loved one will never be forgotten,” said former NYPD officer Fidel Balan. “They will always be part of the blue family, what we call the line blue line.”

The thin blue line getting thinner at a drastic rate.

“It was almost like deja vu. I’ve only been down here a year add this is the second funeral my son and I have attended,” said former New Jersey Police Officer Timothy Thiel. “We were up in Highlands County for Deputy Gentry. It almost seems like it’s been happening on a weekly basis across the country.”

But the support shown today brings strength to those still on the force.

“It gives us hope that the citizens are out here, the residents of the state, county, country do support us, or support the men and women that are still out there fighting the good fight,” Thiel said.

Fellow officers honor officer Jobbers-Miller

They traveled in droves with badges held high, and uniforms of different colors.

But, they came together as one to say a final goodbye to Jobbers-Miller.

“He’s a hero in our eyes of course,” said former marine Cindia Fernandez.

Jobbers-Miller served less than three years on the Fort Myers Police force, but his brothers said it didn’t take long for him to make an impact.

“It’s a hard job already,” Fernandez said.

It was clear as one by one, each man and woman bowed their heads and held their hearts.

“It was very touching, I mean very professional, everyone was in step, it was nice to see,” Fernandez said.

A community touched by his story and tragic death.

“That’s like another brother, I’m teary eyed already.”

Fernandez said she didn’t know of Jobbers-Miller until his passing, but said it didn’t matter.

“It’s kinda hard sometimes to repay them back, so this is the least we can do is stand here and make sure everybody sees that we support them,” Fernandez said.

His family, friends and brothers in blue stood in silence for the final call.

“Fort Myers to 524 Officer Adam Jobbers Miller… the men and women of the FMPD are forever grateful and proud to have served with officer jobbers miller, we will never forget his loyalty and dedication.”

Jobbers-Miller’s family was given the American flag draped over his casket at the end of the touching ceremony. Loved ones laid roses by his casket just before heading to the funeral home where his body will be cremated.

SWFL bids farewell to officer Jobbers-Miller

A final goodbye to an officer who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“This is a tough day for everybody … every time we lose one of our own,”  said John McMahon, of Guns n Hoses Pipes and Drums of SWFL.

In near perfection —no matter their badge— hundreds of officers traveled to pay their respects.

“When we lose somebody it hurts,” McMahon said.

McMahon knows it may not be much, but the former firefighter hopes his group’s music will bring some comfort to a family still coming to terns with the unthinkable.

“We’re here to honor the memory of Adam,”McMahon said.

They may not have known Jobbers-Miller personally, but it didn’t matter, because today, he was family.

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Watch the ceremony in its entirety below



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