Decision on stand your ground parking lot shooter could take months

The Pinellas County Sheriff said it could be weeks or months before the state attorney Bernie McCabe’s office is complete makes a decision to charge the shooter in the July 19 killing of Markeis McGlockton.

McGlockton was killed after an altercation with a man in a Clearwater parking lot.

“We are still actively investigating this manner. We have not turned this case over to the State Attorney’s Office, but we expect to do that shortly,” said Sheriff Bob Gaultieri Thursday.

Protests erupted when McGlockton’s shooter was not immediately arrested, but Gualtieri contended that he is following the law.

“I don’t make the law and I do not do what people want because of outrage,” Gaultieri said.

Florida’s stand your ground law allows people to defend themselves without having to retreat if they have a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm.

A man whose son was killed in a so-called stand your ground self-defense shooting in Fort Myers, has been fighting for two years to get the case brought to trial.

Ryan Modell was killed by James Taylor in March 2016.

It took more than a year for the State Attorney’s office in Lee County to announce their decision that Taylor would not be charged in Modell’s death.

Modell’s father, Sandy, has been fighting that decision.

He hired Mark O’Mara, who defended George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, to ask Governor Rick Scott’s office to independently review the case.

Modell also took out a billboard on U.S. 41 in North Fort Myers criticizing the decision not to charge Taylor.

He said the Governor’s office is still reviewing the case.

WINK News requested comment on Modell’s case and the McGlockton case, and Gov. Scott’s office provided a statement:

“The Governor expects that every Florida law be enforced and applied fairly by law enforcement and state attorneys, who are elected by Floridians. If the Legislature wants to make any changes to clarify Florida’s laws next legislative session, they can do so,” said McKinley Lewis of the office of Governor Rick Scott.

An attorney for James Taylor stands by Mr. Taylor’s account that he acted in self-defense.

Reporter:Lauren Sweeney
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