Cape residents grow impatient with algae; ponder how it’ll impact real estate

Some homeowners are so upset with the algae plaguing the Southwest Florida waters that they want to get their homes reassessed.

Toxic green algae is not just creeping down into the water of Cape Coral canals.

“Last night it was so bad in here we wanted to call 911,” said Cape Coral resident Sally Mullins. “But that’s not really that kind of emergency … but it is… because you’re sick.”

The smell is not only making it unbearable outside, but Mullins also said candles are her only hope to make it somewhat livable inside.

“When I breathe out, I can taste it,” Mullins said. “When I brush my teeth, I can taste it.”

Just around the corner, resident Marilyn Stanton is worried what the green sludge is doing to her home’s value.

“I don’t know how anyone along these canals could expect to put up ‘for sale’ signs and have serious offers given to them,” Stanton said.

Lee County Property Appraiser Ken Wilkinson expressed his concerns with the overall impact of algae.

“I feel confident that there will be an effect on the value but we can’t recognize it until next year,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson said the home sales now will tell us if there’s an effect from the algae.

“I’m convinced there is, an affect on waterfront values that are affected by the algae,” Wilkinson said.

But homeowners like Mullins are getting impatient.

“Now I just want to get out here,” Mullins said. “I just don’t want to be here.”

The property appraiser told WINK News the homeowner’s frustrations with the algae could create a domino effect.

If they sell now to get away from the green slime, they could impact their neighbor’s home values a year from now.

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