Cape utility worker’s death ruled accidental; 911 call released

The 911 call was released from the day a utility worker died in Cape Coral.

Nora Cedeno is remembering utility worker Antonio Pimentel for the great man he is nearly one-month-and-a-half after he died in a Cape Coral manhole.

“He was a really hard worker if he saw you working he would try to help you,” Cedeno said.

Authorities ruled his death an accident following an investigation.

Pimentel did not use a gas meter before going into the manhole at the corner of Northwest Eighth Terrace and 13th Avenue.

He passed out from the gas and fell into the water.

Moments later, a chilling 911 call was made:

“Ma’am OK yes I’m here, if Ally is a worker he was down a manhole, it’s full of water, and he’s passed out no one can go down there because he’s passed out from the gas, this guy’s going to drown.”

Police said other neighbors tried to save Pimentel, but the odor from the gas was too strong.

“Derek you can’t do that you can go down there you can’t go down there tell him now there’s fumes,” according to the 911 call.

Cedeno said her neighborhood has lost a great member.

“He tried to introduce everybody made good friends in the neighborhood,” Cedeno said.

Pimentel’s cause of death was ruled drowning, according to an autopsy report.

Investigators said only one other worker was at the intersection when the accident happened.

Author: Brendon Leslie, WINK News
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