Florida Department of Transportation to withhold payments to SunPass vendor

Monday, the Florida Department of Transportation  announced that the department will withhold all future payments to Conduent until the SunPass Centralized Customer Service System is fully operational.

FDOT said in a release, “The contract with our vendor includes a number of robust provisions related to performance and failure to meet obligations. FDOT will continue to hold Conduent accountable to the fullest extent allowable under the contract.”

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Dew said, “The delays in providing a fully functional SunPass system is completely unacceptable to FDOT and to our customers. I am committed to holding those responsible accountable.”

More than 32 million transactions have been posted to date. As improvements to the system move forward, it is anticipated that up to 8 million transactions will be posted on a daily, recurring basis until all accounts are reconciled.

FDOT says late fees and penalties will not be imposed until the system is “fully operational and is providing the benefits and ease of access that SunPass customers deserve and expect.”

SunPass suspended toll processing at the beginning of June to upgrade the system. It was scheduled to only take six days, but that soon turned into a month.

The Florida Department of Transportation gave Conduent a 10 day deadline to fix the problem.

While some drivers’ transactions are now posted, they say they’re having to shell out more money to cover the delayed tolls.

FDOT adds that it will waive late fees and penalties for the tolls, but customers will still have to wait on delayed billing while the SunPass system catches up.

FDOT adds that they’re gradually posting the transactions starting with the oldest ones first.

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