Work ramps up even more to repair Punta Gorda seawalls from Hurricane Irma damage

An area in Punta Gorda has been tapped off as crews began removing chunks of crumbled seawall from a backyard Thursday morning.

Work to repair miles worth of damaged seawall along Punta Gorda canals continues.

It’s been almost a year since Hurricane Irma and residents have been waiting.

Since Irma, the city has completed repairs on most of the worst damaged areas and are now working their way through lower priority seawalls.

The city says Hurricane Irma caused “Catastrophic” damage to punta gorda canals. In all more than ten miles of seawalls need to be repaired.

The city has seven crews working throughout the area with 31 seawalls currently under construction.

The city expects to meet their goal of completing what they say was 10-15 years of work within 18 months.

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