Family upset at local AC company they say is taking advantage of mom

A family is furious with an air conditioning company they say took advantage of their elderly mother. WINK News uncovered it’s not the first time the company has been accused of wrongdoing.

One year ago, FAST AC: Foster’s Air Supplies & Technical Services, visited Gloria Osborne’s home for the first time. She agreed to work that included mold remediation, or a UV Light, and a maintenance agreement. Her son, Bob Osborne, says Gloria has alzheimer’s and cannot make financial decisions on her own.

“She opens her door and they say ‘Oh you need this, you need this, she’s going to say OK,” he explained.

The job came to $2,407.50 and FAST AC signed her up with a finance plan with an interest rate of 26.99 percent if not paid in full after 18 months.

“That’s a lot for her. She’s on social security.”

Osborne and his sister, who has power of attorney for Gloria, say they immediately called FAST AC and told them not to come back.
But, they did.

FAST AC returned a second time in late December and the siblings saw mom wrote a check for $2,550. That invoice has no total, no date and says the duct work underneath the home had water damage.

While Gloria did have a small flood, according to her daughter, the insurance company came out and emptied water from the ducts.

Again, the siblings say they called FAST AC and this time sent them an email with the power of attorney telling them to stay away from their mom.

“Then we put notes up in both windows– no service to be done on this house unless you call my sister or myself,” said Bob.

Then FAST AC came a third time. In May, Gloria wrote a check for $878. The children are unsure what work was done.

Furious—Gloria’s daughter called a manager who left a voicemail claiming a mix up.

After FAST AC and owner Matthew Foster offered no resolution, Osbourne and his sister called WINK News.


WINK News uncovered 8 other complaints filed with the Florida Attorney General’s Office.
Some say FAST AC lied about work that needed to be done; others say they were taken advantage of after Hurricane Irma.

Last year, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services fined the company $3,500 for violating the state’s Do Not Call law.

For over two weeks, WINK emailed FAST AC, called and even swung by the office.

Went we went inside, we were told no one was available.

When we returned moments later with contact information, they locked us out.

Eventually we were told to contact their lawyer, which we did. Still, no comment.

Meanwhile, Bob’s message to the company is simple.

“Just wish you wouldn’t take advantage of older people.”

The Osborne siblings say they want FAST AC to refund their mother.
As for the other complaints, some of those people have had their issues resolved either by FAST AC, the court or their bank

Reporter:Allison Gormly
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