Sanibel becomes next city to ban plastic straws, with community support

Sanibel is following in Fort Myers Beach’s footsteps by banning plastic straws to help the environment.

The Sanibel City Council approved a new ordinance Monday. Officials say this is an important step in protecting our beaches.

Joey Almeida owner of Joey’s Custards on the island says this change is something everyone was pushing for, “We’re ready at a moments notice to make the switch and I think I’ll buy the island is ready to do that to.”

Wasting no time, Almeida said they already placed orders for natural environmental friendly straws, “They break down and they’re actually edible to the animals they assimilate into our environment and become one with what we’re working with, as opposed to staying there forever.”

Beach goer Wendy Horton is extremely happy this ordinance passed. She says this issue is near and dear to her heart, “Hate to see you waste or plastic bags in the ocean. The ocean should be kept clean and be a wonderful safe environments for animals and people to enjoy.”

Horton recommends bringing stainless steel water bottles when you go to the beach, “… it keeps things cold it makes it easier to carry it around and you don’t have to find a wastebasket to get rid of everything.”

City officials say this ordinance gained steam because of all the strong community support.

Author: Brendon Leslie / WINK News
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