Surplus markets can save you big bucks on your grocery bill

Looking to reduce your grocery bill? You can shop at surplus markets to buy brand name groceries most chain stores don’t want and sell them at a deep discounts – sometimes around half the price of a normal grocery store.

Scott Kraemer and his wife have four kids, “We budget everything. It’s the only way for a family of six to get by.

“We eat a lot of cereal, things like that for breakfast. I mean instead of $3.50 for a box, we can get it for $1.29 and it’s the same exact cereal,” Kraemer said.

Lisa and Paul Crawford opened Sunflower Surplus Market at 1001 Palm Ave, off Hancock Bridge Parkway in North Fort Myers in May.

There are a variety of reasons items end up here. Cans can be dented, boxes a little beat up, or a company may have discontinued a certain product.

Lisa and Paul say it’s a way to keep perfectly good food out of the landfill and leave some cash in your wallet.

Lisa hold up a product with a labeling error saying, “This is another occasional reason we get products. A whoops—label is upside down.”

Another reason is the ‘sell by date’ on the package may have passed.

Lisa tells us that date is misunderstood and has nothing to do with the food’s quality or safety, “Instead they’re recommendations from the manufacturer that indicate when the manufacturer wants the product taken off of the grocery store shelf.”

So how much cheaper are we talking?

A box of Kind Bars $1.49
Superstore price around $3.09

Starbucks K-Cups $2.99
Superstore price around $10

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran $0.70
Superstore price around $2.79

“It’s really nice. If its here, I know it’s a good price,” Kraemer said.

Keep in mind that because it is a surplus store certain items may not be available and they do not accept manufacturer coupons.


Reporter:Allison Gormly
Writer:Derrick Shaw
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