New documents reveal accused killer Lois Riess’ movements after leaving FMB

Accused Fort Myers Beach murder suspect Lois Riess may have set her sights on a third victim, new documents show.

Riess, who is accused of killing SWFL vacationer Pamela Hutchinson in April, along with her own husband, befriend a woman in Texas while she was on the run, authorities say.

The two started talking over dinner on South Padre Island where Riess fled to to escape authorities. They didn’t know each other, but quickly got close and spent time together, the documents reveal.

The woman told detectives she was eating dinner alone when she first met Riess. They exchanged numbers and she even dropped Riess off at the Motel 6 where she was staying.

Later, on April 15, the woman says she met with Riess again. This time, the woman invited Riess back to her residence where they spent time in a hot tub and where Riess spent the night in the guest bedroom.

And then four days later, Riess was placed in handcuffs at the Sea Ranch Restaurant on South Padre Island.

The woman she met told detectives she was expecting Riess for dinner again the next night, but she never showed up. The bartender told her Riess had been arrested and was in jail.

The woman says she never thought anything was off, saying Riess acted normally, and she saw no red flags.

The documents also revealed more about how Riess made her cross-country journey while evading authorities. She used paper maps to travel from Minnesota to Florida.

Detectives say she left Hutchinson’s Fort Myers Beach condo for the last time on April 6, just after noon. That was three days before anyone discovered Hutchinson’s body.

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