Fort Myers woman can finally go home 9 months after Hurricane Irma

It’s been nine months since Hurricane Irma hit last September.

Now, Wendy Tucker is finally ready to move back into her home of 28 years after Irma wrecked it.

“That room back here was gone,” Tucker said. “Completely wiped ouit. There was nothing left of that room.”

Tucker evacuated during the storm and when she came back, there was a tree in her living room.

“Oh, I fell to my knees,” Tucker said.

The back of the house folded over.

“It was all wood, and now it’s block with hurricane safe windows so it’s not going nowhere,” Tucker said.

Like many people who suffered a lot of damage during Hurricane Irma, Tucker had to battle with her insurance company.

Tucker said it was impossible to speaker with an adjuster, and it took three months before everything can begin.

“It’s been an adventure, I’ll tell ya,” Tucker said. “And not all good, but it’s all good now.”

Now, Tucker has a new kitchen, shiny new floors and everything she ever wanted.

Although she had to wait months for the insurance payout and even longer for the repairs to finish up, buying a new house never crossed Tucker’s mind.

“It’s my home, I raised my kids here and I plan on making a lot of memories,” Tucker said.

Tucker gets to move back home in two weeks.

Gallery of hurricane damage below:


Writer:Emily Ford
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