Fort Myers Beach businesses looking forward to new ‘Margaritaville’ resort

Fort Myers Beach is preparing to be the next “Margaritaville”, as the well-known resort comes to the island.

Businesses on land and on the water are buzzing over the news.

“Everyone wants to be on Margaritaville on vacation, don’t they?” said Anna Grant.

The 250-room resort planned by TPI Hospitality will now be a Jimmy Buffet “Margaritaville” all thanks to a new licensing agreement with the franchise.

“It might attract more people that there’s another franchise down here. I think it would be a good thing,” said Bonnie Jones.

“Yeah, I’m excited about it. It will bring in more tourism and be good for the island,” added David Figuerado.

Many visitors and locals are hoping the world-famous name will bring more people to the area as water quality continues to worsen.

“With the dirty water, we need more business,” Jones said.

And during the slower summer months of the season, the island sometimes resembles a ghost town.

But the new resort will feature a beach club, bar and grille and a pedestrian bridge that stretches from the hotel to the beach.

The huge complex was at the center of controversy for some time, as some said it would change the small town beach feel, but plenty of businesses say “Margaritaville” matches the Fort Myers Beach vibe.

Construction will begin in December and the resort is scheduled to open in 2021.

Many have also asked if Jimmy Buffet himself might make an appearance. He has in the past performed at other “Margaritaville” resorts. Only time will tell!

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