Flooding is causing trash to pile up in a Cape Coral neighborhood

Trash has been piling up for weeks in a Cape Coral neighborhood just north of Santa Barbara and Pine Island.

Neighbors say the roads are under construction, and with all the rain, it is making the roads muddy, and impassable.

Neighbors are saying the muddy roads mean trash hasn’t been picked up, and they haven’t received their mail in weeks.

“It’s been a real disaster,” said Cape Coral resident Bob Doka. “They haven’t picked up our garbage in three weeks.”

Doka says the city told the entire neighborhood that they haven’t picked up the garbage because of the storm.

“They said it was the storm, but the storm, the garbage hasn’t been picked up in three weeks and the storm was this weekend,” Doka said. “So, what’s really the excuse?”

Doka says that the garbage has been out on the streets for so long, maggots started infesting the rotten food.

“I used a whole bottle of insect repellent on the trash can because the maggots were climbing on it, and the flies are flying,” Doka said. “Every time I open the garbage, the flies fly into my garage, into the house. It’s horrible.”

Neighbors say the construction started in March, and it was to install sewage and water lines.

“They’re working on it, but last week it was just about impassable,” Doka said. “I was sinking. My wife has a small car, it almost didn’t make it down the road.”

Doka says the city did put gravel on the road to help residents drive by, but it was all pushed to the side.

Some neighbors say they have resorted to taking their garbage to work so it won’t pile up on the road anymore.

The road closures are also causing residents to have to pick up their mail at the post office.

WINK News reached out to the City of Cape Coral for more information on the trash pickup but have not heard back.

Writer:Emily Ford
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