Victim speaks out after Naples caregiver allegedly steals credit cards, spends big

Deputies say an in-home nurse stole from the woman she was supposed to be taking care of.

Annabella Maurice allegedly put hundreds of dollars on the woman’s credit cards, and now, the victim is speaking out.

Dyana Schoenstadt says her relationship with 20-year-old Maurice started off strong.

“I have trust issues where I trust everybody, where I assume when they are in my house, especially these care givers. I assume to trust them and that’s not the case evidently,” Schoenstadt said.

Maurice was a caregiver with the home care agency Heart, Body and Mind in Fort Myers.

The two spent hours at a time talking and doing chores around the house. But Schoenstadt says that after four days working together, Maurice stopped showing up for work.

“She did not call me, she did not call her work, she just didn’t show up,” Schoenstadt said.

Heart, Body and Mind spokesman Ralph Laughton said, Maurice was fired before the alleged crime occurred for not meeting the company’s care standards.

After Maurice was fired, Schoenstadt says, Maurice came by unannounced with her friends and her two babies.

Anabella Maurice via LCSO

While playing with the kids, Maurice’s friend used the bathroom, and Schoenstadt thinks that’s when that friend got into her purse and stole her credit cards.

Later that night, Schoenstadt started receiving emails about charges she didn’t make, like cruise tickets, hair extensions and clothing that cost almost $1,000.

“When it went to my bank card, that’s when I got scared. Really scared and that’s when I knew she was tagging my cards,” Schoenstadt said.

Maurice’s court date is set for June 18.

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