Teen reels in massive bull shark in Marco Island

A 14-year-old boy caught a massive bull shark in a canal behind his home.

Nick Masi was fishing with his friends on Wednesday near Forrest Court, just south of Winterberry Drive, when he felt a tug at the end of his line.

“I was using snapper and I just casted my rod out. I wasn’t really expecting to catch something that big,” Masi said.

Masi said it took him over half an hour to reel in the bull shark, “It was like 400 pounds it looked about 6 feet long.”

The teen said he’s caught his fair share of sharks before, but admits this one is quite different.

“It was just shocking that I could reel that in that big, its just crazy,” Masi said.

Swimming in that canal was a normal activity for the teen and his friends, but after that catch Masi said, “Never again … not anymore they’re huge.”

Masi said he released the bull shark back into the water shortly after catching it.