Fort Myers woman who lost baby after being struck by lightning expecting another child

Published: May 13, 2018 4:52 PM EDT
Updated: May 13, 2018 10:19 PM EDT

On Mother’s Day, one Fort Myers couple is happy they can celebrate a milestone together.

“For me—thankful I can celebrate it with her because that was almost taken away,” said Matt Davidson.

His wife, Meghan Davidson, was struck by lightning last year while she was nine months pregnant. Her heart stopped beating, as well the the tiny heart of her son, Owen. He died two weeks later.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fort Myers woman struck by lightning, baby dies

“It seems surreal. It’s not like, I’m, wow, I was struck my lightning,” Meghan said. “I was having irregular contractions throughout the day. I was about a week before my due date. I went for a walk to speed up the process.”

Meghan was days away from meeting the newest member of her family when she was hit.

The Davidson’s say they’ve replayed that day in their minds, but can’t seem to explain it. Meghan says she doesn’t remember much from that day. The last things she can recall are from a week prior to the incident. And she doesn’t remember much from the five days after it happened either.

“It’s a freak thing that I don’t know you can be prepared for it. I guess you can just lock yourself inside,” Matt Davidson said.

But now, the family is expecting another bundle of joy in about four months. And Meghan is looking toward the future.

“I’m here, and I don’t have any pain of anything. I’m 20 weeks pregnant,” Meghan said.

“We didn’t know if she was going to get pregnant again after going through an emergency C-section and just—we didn’t know the damage the lightning had done. Just remarkable recovery and how God pulled her through it so fast,” Matt added.

But baby Owen will never be forgotten.

“Just knowing he’s in heaven for us is comfort,” Meghan said.

The couple adds that their faith community was an amazing support system since the tragedy.

“I laid down last night, so thankful that I had everyone in the house healthy and well, because that very easily couldn’t have been the situation,” Matt said.

“We’d like to point out that God is good all the time—even during tragedy, trials and pains, he has a plan,” Meghan added.

The Davidson’s newest family members is due on Oct. 3.