Group of SWFL moms pushing for childhood cancer bill to pass through Congress

A group of mothers in SWFL are working together to help families cope with childhood cancer.

“As hard as it is every morning to get out of bed, I do it,” said Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein.

Lograno-Weinstein is raising a family in Cape Coral, and this Mother’s Day will be especially difficult for her.

“He passed away, this Mother’s Day, it’ll be three years. May 13,” Lograno-Weinstein said.

Her son Michael was only three years old when they realized he had a type of cancer that affects the brain and spinal cord. It’s often found in children.

Now, Lograno-Weinstein and an organization known as 46 Mommas are leading the charge to get the “star”, or Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access and Research Act through Congress.

“Even with our kids not here to fight anymore, we don’t want parents to go through this,” she said.

Chief Medical Correspondent for CBS News, Dr. Jon Lapook, says more attention needs to be paid to childhood cancer.

“Many fewer kids have cancer than adults. The research isn’t as robust,” Lapook said.

After a recent visit to Washington, Lograno-Weinstein hopes Congressmen like Francis Rooney will support the act in the House. It has already passed the Senate.

“I just can’t imagine, as a father of three, how horrible it would be to lose one of our children,” Rooney said.

And he adds that he’s likely to sign on to support the legislation.

As of last month, there were more than 300 co-sponsors of the act in the House. Congressman Rooney says he doesn’t think it’ll have any trouble passing.

If you’d like to talk to your congressman about the bill, click here to find their contact information.

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