Friends remember 19-year-old Immokalee homicide victim

Deputies found the body of 19-year-old Juan Herrera Saturday night in Immokalee. It’s a tragedy that shocked the community.

“Juan was somebody that’s going to be missed. I knew Juan for a very (long) time,” said student Kayla Etienne.

Etienne says Herrera was someone everyone in Immokalee knew. He went to Immokalee High School at one point. Etienne could hardly believe when she found out he died Saturday night.

“It hurts knowing you’re not going to be able to talk to him or see him down the street anymore and how much pain his mom is going through,” she said.

Police reports show deputies found his body near SR-29 and Farmer Worker Way.

But if Herrera was known for one thing, students who knew him say it was for his music.

“His music was very inspiring because he always wrote it about his mom and how he would help her go through everything, and it was very inspiring to know someone cared that much about their family,” said student Yveca Alexis.

Alexis says a lot of people in Immokalee expected him to go further with his music career.

“A lot of people from Immokalee expected him to go higher with his rap career—we were depending on him because he does have a talent—he did have a talent,” Alexis said.

It is unclear how the 19-year-old died or what the motive to kill was. A suspect has not yet been identified.

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