Ways to improve quality of sleep

According to the American Sleep Association, at least 50 million US adults have a sleep disorder. Although sleeping pills help some, they are also very addictive and can make it more difficult to fall asleep in the long run. But there are other approaches you may not have heard yet.

Paul Shaw, PhD, from the Washington University of St. Louis, told Ivanhoe “Sleep is kind of a jack of all trades, so you think about, if you don’t get enough sleep; you feel bad.”
Ignoring your need for sleep is a big mistake.

“We know that if you don’t get enough sleep you have heart problems, you have cardiac problems, you can’t think properly; we don’t really know exactly why but we know without sleep your brain doesn’t work,” explained Shaw.

Inefficient rest can also cause a lack of impulse control, skin aging, and decreased libido. So make it a slumber party by sleeping with your pet in your room. The Mayo Clinic tracked sleep patterns and found that those who kept their dog in their room had better sleep quality compared to those who didn’t. But people who had their dog in their bed had the lowest quality of sleep. Don’t have a pet? Dunk your face in ice water. Cooling your face lowers heart rate and blood pressure, which can get rid of any evening anxiety.

Are you someone who likes the fan on when you sleep? Harvard Medical School states that your body temperature drops slightly when you sleep, so keeping your room cool may aid in the process. Doctor Oz says 65 degrees is the ideal temp.

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Author: Ivanhoe Newswire
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