Cape man accused of real estate fraud appears in court, hires new attorney

A former real estate agent accused of stealing a woman’s life savings appeared in court Tuesday.

Aaron Eyerman, of Cape Coral, is said to have stolen $560,000 from a woman by using a phony real estate company.

Eyerman did not show up for his past two court dates, and hired a new lawyer Tuesday to represent him. Eyerman’s last attorney, Robert Siddall, said he was not getting paid.

“Due to certain financial obligations that haven’t been met, the firm required that I be withdrawn from the case,” Siddall said.

Eyerman entered a guilty plea last week, but during a hearing Friday he withdrew the plea under his new attorney and trial will be set for September.

Eyerman, who’s out on $50,000 bond, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted in the fraud case.

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