You could be overpaying at Lee County tolls with SunPass

James Greenhaw and his wife travel across the Sanibel Causeway on occasion. But when he went through a non-express lane, he was flagged down for overpaying.

Greenhaw said the attendant at the toll booth told him SunPass charged him too much – twice as much.

“Four times in our van and four times on my motorcycle. Okay? Every single time on my motor scooter they charged me $6 instead of $2 and all four times on the van, they charged us $12 instead of $6,” he said about the SunPass issue.

SunPass told Greenhaw it’s only $2 if you stop and pay cash for a motorcycle. If you use SunPass, then its $6. Something he said nobody ever told him when he signed up for the program.

SunPass tells WINK News the transponders don’t distinguish between cars or motorcycles, automatically charging the more expensive car toll.

Paying cash when you already have a transponder can be cumbersome. According to Greenhaw, “She says I gotta send you a bag, that every time you go over there, you pull over on the side of the road, you take your SunPass out of your windshield and you put it in the bag, and then you go through the booth and pay $2. This is their cure for this problem!”

Greenhaw says he’s not using SunPass anymore when driving his motor scooter over the causeway. But still, he’s waiting for an explanation why they also charged his van twice the toll cost.

There might be one possible explanation that was given to Greenhaw “She says someone must be following you close. I say everytime I go through? Makes no sense whatsoever,” he said.

SunPass is refunding Greenhaw for the motorcycle issue.

The company says SunPass just operates at the causeway, but LeeWay is the authority for the Sanibel Causeway and Cape Coral bridges.

Now, as you travel through those tolls, you may want to double check what you’re being charged.

Here’s a link to the SunPass website so you can log in and verify your transaction history.

LINK: SunPass Prepaid Toll Program

Reporter:Taylor Bisacky