9/11 footage pops up on video screens during flight headed to RSW

Passengers on board a United Airlines flight flying from Denver to RSW reportedly saw images from the 9/11 attacks pop up on their video screens during the flight.

WINK News has been in contact with three agencies regarding this incident, and none have explained how something like this could have happened, or provided details on exactly what passengers might have seen.

But travelers say they want answers before something worse happens.

Since the September 11 attack, things have changed in air travel.

Phyllis and Buddy Aerenson travel at least five times per year, feeling safer now more than ever.

But the incident last week is making them rethink that.

“What I don’t understand is the purpose of doing this. To frighten somebody? To give a warning?” Aerenson said.

Bill Benedetto lost friends on 9/11. His stomach turned when he heard flyers saw images from the attack while airborne.

“I thought it would be a signal that this plane is going to go down too,” he said.

He called it a cruel way to spread fear.

“I can’t imagine something more likely to induce a panic and a scared feeling among people on a plane,” Benedetto said.

Passengers worry a hacker could have made their way through security measures.

“Just the connection to 9/11 makes this even more scary and more evil,” he added.

And now, travelers are hoping the airline involved and other investigative agencies will work to prevent it from escalating further or ever happening again.

“Are we going to see more of this now, now that somebody’s figured out how to do it?”

United Airlines says the FBI is handling the incident. However, the FBI says they can’t confirm that information.

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