Zombicon shooting suspect caught on tape admitting details, documents show

Published: March 1, 2018 4:26 PM EST
Updated: January 13, 2020 3:58 PM EST

The suspected Zombicon killer continues to sit in jail without bond as the public finds out more and more about how police put together their case against Jose Bonilla.

Court documents outline a possible motive behind the shooting, and also show what Bonilla’s family say he told them about the 2015 shooting.

According to the new information, detectives had their eye on Bonilla for two years. Additionally, five tipsters called Crime Stoppers after the shooting, pointing fingers at Bonilla for the chaos.

Throughout those two years, friends and family gave investigators clues about the accused shooter. And in one interview, a friend of his eluded to investigators that Bonilla was solely responsible for the shooting.

It is also the first time authorities allude to a possible motive.

A major turning point in the investigation came just three months ago. Bonilla was back in jail on a child abuse charge. An informant told deputies he could get Bonilla to talk about the shooting. And now, authorities have those audio recordings where Bonilla admitted to details about the shooting.

Bonilla will be back in court on Monday.