’60 Minutes’ correspondent, Lesley Stahl, speaks at North Naples luncheon

One of America’s most honored and experienced journalists spoke at a luncheon Friday morning at the Ritz-Carlton Tiburon Golf Resort in North Naples.

Lesley Stahl, who has told more than 400 stories for “60 Minutes” on CBS and has appeared on multiple talk shows, discussed the issues facing our nation today.

Lesley Stahl. Photo via CBS NEWS

“I just get up. I want to go to work. I love what I do,” Stahl said.

Today, Stahl’s heart weighs heavy for the 17 students and faculty killed in the Parkland school massacre on Feb. 14.

“I feel like we’ve been here. After Sandy Hook, nothing happened. It’s astonishing that was such a game changer, you would’ve thought that we would’ve looked at what was going on in this country and make some kind of change and we didn’t,” Stahl said.

Stahl said a journalist must at all times stick to the facts, and report the truth.

“I love what the young kids are doing. It’s surprising, and it’s heartening and its wonderful,” Stahl said in response to Parkland survivors fighting for gun control.

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Watch more of the interview below:

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