New technology could give Fort Myers Police a live birds-eye view on crime

A Fort Myers company is working to centralize cameras across Lee County to help law enforcement track and catch criminals.

The Fort Myers Police Department wants to purchase the program called Live Earth, which is expected to cost taxpayers just under $95,000.

“If it could save a life or keep somebody from being robbed or whatever, I’m all for it,” Fort Myers resident David Keppel said.

Live Earth could give officers a birds-eye view by integrating traffic cameras and body cameras on a live data platform.

“If you have things like vehicle location on your police cars or your fire trucks or ambulances, you can know where all of those things are all at once,” said Courtney Turner, Live Earth spokeswoman.

Live Earth will also be compatible with license plate readers and gun shot detectors, two things Chief Derrick Diggs wants to add to neighborhoods in Fort Myers.

“Gives the police force and everybody else a little better jump on the criminals,” Fort Myers resident James Patterman said.

For more information about Live Earth, click here.

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