Former coach who sent boys inappropriate photos jailed again

A former volunteer coach who plead no contest to sending young boys inappropriate photos has violated his probation.

Brandon Michaellee Stetson was ordered to stay clear of children, but was caught playing basketball with young kids, and having kids in his car, authorities say.

“He parked right next to us one night and got out with those kids. And one kid is little!” said concerned mom Lisa Constantino.

She also says she’s seen Stetson at Veteran’s Park, and her son plays basketball with him all the time.

Stetson was a former Collier County volunteer basketball coach. Last year, he plead no contest after investigators say he sent boys inappropriate photos and asked for some in return.

The judge ordered Stetson to stay away from children during his probation, but neighbors say they see him at the park often.

“I’ve seen him just playing out here. If I ever see him with a kid I try to get the kid away,” said Joey Woods, a basketball trainer in Collier County.

Woods says he’s constantly keeping an eye out for Stetson.

“He shouldn’t be allowed out here. I see him out here and I figured if he’s out here, there’s a reason he’s out,” Woods said.

Many say parents need to be careful with who they let their children play with.

“You have to pay attention to who you are letting be around your children. You can’t just give your kid to anybody or let your kid go off with anybody, so I think that should be a big responsibility of the parent to find out who this person is,” Woods said.

Stetson is now behind bars without bond.