Plans for new Fort Myers Beach resort move to next step

It was a packed house to hear the future of a monster resort project on Fort Myers Beach.

Crowds filed in to speak out—and hear from the company that wants to build a new resort on the island.

Fort Myers approved the 290-room resort to go forward with construction plans. It will now move on to town council. But before it does, the developer, Tom Torgerson, says changes still need to be made after today.

The hotel had been approved to build up to four stories high, 40 feet tall and with 290 rooms.

“This will provide a real opportunity to brighten this place up that has gone through so many adversities like the hurricanes and what not,” Torgerson said.

But not everyone was on board with the plans.

While many admit the beach could use redevelopment, they’re worried about over development.

“We all like change, but I don’t think it’s appropriate we sacrifice good judgement and proper development in exchange for being in a hurry to improve what we all know is an important core in the town,” said a SWFL resident.

In addition to the hotel, the developer has plans for restaurants, shops and a water park.

Despite the decision, it didn’t come easy. There were questions that lasted several hours, and many were passionate people voicing their opinions—something to expect more of as the plans move to town council.

Reporter:Taylor Bisacky