Deals: National Pizza Day honors the cheesiest holiday of the year

Friday, Feb. 9 is one of the tastiest days of the year. It’s National Pizza Day! You get to feast on a masterpiece of crunchy crust, tangy tomato sauce, gooey cheese and all the toppings you can handle.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic pepperoni, sassy pineapple ham or the daring anchovy, you can get your pizza party on for less with a few of these National Pizza Day freebies and deals:

• Domino’s
Several deals to choose from: One large three-topping pizza for $7.99; Any medium two-topping pan pizzas for $8.99; Choose two or more items from a select menu for $5.99 each.

• Hungry Howies
Get a small, two-topping pizza for $5; a large, one-topping deep dish for $10; or two medium one-topping pizzas and an order of Howie bread for $15.

• Papa John’s
Get 25-percent off regular-priced menu items with coupon code 25DISC.

• Pizza Hut
Get two or more medium pizzas with as many toppings as you want for $6.99 each, or a large two-topping pizza for $7.99.

*Promotions may vary by location and franchise. Call ahead to ensure the deals are valid at your local restaurant.

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Author: WWJ
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