Free report can shed light on what personal information of yours is public

In this week’s security alert, companies are selling information about where you shop and what you own.

Previously only companies with authorized access to the report could see what is in it, but now you are able to see that report too, for free.

In the LexisNexis report you’ll typically see property you own, places you’ve lived, vehicles you’ve had and a┬álot of other personal details.

It gives you a good idea of what information is actually out there about you.

Security expert Carrie Kerskie recommends requesting your personal report not to just see it but to help you keep your identity safe, “As you are answering security questions or as you’re coming up with passwords it’s a good idea to know what is in these databases, so you might think twice about what you use,”┬áKerskie said.

You can request your free LexisNexis Personal at