String of SWFL robberies may be related

Deputies are currently searching for armed robbers on the loose. Just last night, two men stormed into a Family Dollar with guns drawn.

This makes it the seventh robbery in just eight days.

All of the robberies took place in Lee County. Four happened in Lehigh, two in Fort Myers and one in Bonita Springs.

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers says six of those seven robberies have similar suspect descriptions and similar patterns.

Neighbors say the trend has them worried every time they head to the store.

In all but one case, the suspects match the same description and were even caught on camera.

“They’re all linked probably. It’s probably a little group of people doing it—hitting all these stores,” said one concerned neighbor.

All seven crimes remain unsolved. And it’s making some nervous to even walk into their local gas station.

Neighbors are just hoping that the suspects are identified and the crime spree comes to an end.

In all but one of the robberies, the store clerks were threatened with guns. In the seventh, the clerk was attacked with pepper spray.

SWFL Crime Stoppers says detectives are working around the clock to identify these suspects.

If you have information that might help, call police right away. There is also a small reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

Below is a gallery of surveillance photos from the string of robberies.





Reporter:Oliver Redsten