Hoops on Mission founder honored with ‘Keeper of the Dream’ award

One man is honored to continue the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. alive in Southwest Florida.

Dwayne Jackson has been working to help underprivileged and at-risk youth through his non-profit organization called Hoops on Mission.

“If you need food, I’m gonna go buy you some groceries. If you need help in school, I’m gonna get you a tutor,” Jackson said. “We meet the needs of those kids and people in our community and that stems from my mom and watching her take care of us.”

Jackson was given this year’s “Keeper of the Dream” award for his efforts in community service after starting an after-school leadership program at Franklin Park Magnet School in Dunbar.

“What an amazing award, what a blessing to be honored with MLK, who basically changed the African American culture and just was a difference maker,” Jackson said.

Jackson plans to expand Hoops on Mission by starting a mental health program to help children deal with trauma, ADHD, adversity and anger.

“Also, we want to plant Hoops On Mission all over the world with the same model and activities that we do in Fort Myers, Florida,” Jackson said.

Reporter:Melinda Lee