Collier County orders more flu vaccines, should reopen clinics this week

You may have a hard time getting the flu shot this week. Two clinics in Collier County ran out of the vaccine over the weekend.

The health department was shocked when they had to close their clinics early after running out of flu shots. But the good news is they hope to open back up as early as this weekend.

The Collier County Health Department opened the two free clinics and handed out 512 shots at the Naples location, along with 255 at the Immokalee clinic.

But it wasn’t enough. They ran out of the vaccines within two hours and had to turn people away. Now, they’re ordering over a thousand more doses from the state.

Local drug stores aren’t faring much better, either. Most say they’re out of the generic liquid Tamiflu, which is the most common. But they do have the name brand Tamiflu and the capsules.

In Lee County, the health department says they got a new shipment of flu vaccines last week so they’re not experiencing that same issue.

If you still need a flu shot, they ask that you make an appointment. They’re open Monday through Friday. The shots are free for kids and if you do not have insurance. If you do, they should be around $30.

Reporter:Hannah Vogel